Mission Statement

The mission of Frontier Fleet is to provide a positive and enjoyable gaming environment within Star Trek: Online. Our goal is centered around creating an atmosphere indicative of working together within the Star Trek universe to achieve each both fleet and individual member goals.

The primary means of achieving that goal is through a balanced range of game-play and organized events with special emphasis on team playing with PvE, episodes and accolade hunting. Second is helping other fleet members learn as much about the game as they want with new player mentoring and ongoing collaboration. Additionally, some may choose role-playing and adherence to Star Trek canon, as much as is reasonably possible without limiting the enjoyment and options available to players.

You've seen every episode and all of the movies a hundred times. You've got a huge collection of Star Trek books. Maybe you have even seen some fan films, but it's just not enough. So, you downloaded Star Trek: Online to get your Trek fix. You've made your character, played through some of the missions, even teamed up with a few other people for STFs and Fleet actions... but there is still something missing.

Now you log on, read some innane chatter on Zone Chat, run through your DOff missions and play an episode or two, but when there's nobody to share in your enjoyment of quality science-fiction, you resign yourself to making do with what you have and log out.

Maybe you have tried joining a fleet. Perhaps you were given a warm welcome by a group of friendly players, and then two days later, never see any of them again. Maybe you always see fleet members on, but they only want to play with the same people every time--namely, not you. Ever donated large amounts of Dilithium to Starbase projects, only to be ignored by hundreds of other members in the fleet?

Does this sound like your regular STO activity? Want to push the boundaries? Wish you could log into the game and know that you'll have a group of fellow Starfleet officers to explore the galaxy with?

Me too! There is no such thing as one size fits all. Every fleet is different with a different focus. We want everyone to be happy with their chosen fleet, regardless of which fleet you chose, so we have created this fleet with specific goals. Frontier Fleet was founded on the idea that we're all playing Star Trek for a reason. For us, that reason is immersing ourselves in the Star Trek universe and being able to lose ourselves to our imaginations and have fun. We're casual, but encourage active participation. We have a solid foundation and a well organized structure to allow for the greatest flexibility and growth in play styles for all members.

We have several projects going on, including Foundry collaborations, team playing, accolade hunting, and a special project, Star Trek: Infinite Horizons--a fleet-produced web-series filmed entirely in STO.

The only thing we're missing is you! What do you say? Do you want to join up with us and explore the final Frontier?

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

Fleet Statistics

Founded: Stardate 90004.0 (25 May 2012)
Member Characters: 115 Fed / 35 KDF (on roster as of 14 September 2015)

Fleet Assets

(Level 54)

Starbase: Tier V (Complete)
   Military: Tier V (Complete)
   Engineering: Tier V (Complete)
   Science: Tier V (Complete)
Embassy: Tier III (Complete)
   Diplomacy: Tier III (Complete)
   Recruitment: Tier III (Complete)
Dilithium Mine: Tier III (Complete)
   Trade: Tier III (Complete)
   Development: Tier III (Complete)
Spire: Tier III (Complete)
   Research: Tier III (Complete)
   Operations: Tier III (Complete)
Research Lab: Tier II
   Research: Tier II
   Development: III (Complete)

All special projects completed!

Beta Member of the Section 31 Armada (Level 520)

(Level 30)

Starbase: Tier III
   Military: Tier III
   Engineering: Tier II
   Science: Tier III
Embassy: Tier I
   Diplomacy: Tier II
   Recruitment: Tier I
Dilithium Mine: Tier III (Complete)
   Trade: Tier III (Complete)
   Development: Tier III (Complete)
Spire: Tier I
   Research: Tier I
   Operations: Tier I
Research Lab: Tier 1
   Research: Tier I
   Development: Tier I

A few special projects are complete.

Gamma Member of the Klingon Intelligence Armada (Level 438)

STAR TREK: Infinite Horizons


Personnel Transfer Request Application by Robert C. Graham
Welcome to the Frontier!
If you are reading this then I can presume that you are thinking of applying for a transfer. Doing so is the first step of joining one of the best fleets in Starfleet. Below this notice is a short application form.

To apply:
1. Copy the text of the application
2. Reply to the thread
3. Paste the text into your reply
4. Fill out the application completely
5. Title the post with your in-game Character Name
6. Review your application for corrections or errors
7. Submit your application post.

After your application is posted, officers from the Fleet Recruiting Office will review it and may contact you via Private Message to ask you some questions, so please check on your application on a regular basis. Once submitted, you can find check on the status of your application in this thread.

Thank you and best of luck,

Fleet Admiral Bam-Bam
Commander, Frontier Fleet
In-game character (name@handle):
In-game ship name (U.S.S. Shipname, NCC-91234):
Why did you choose your ship name?:
Career Division (Tactical, Engineering, Science):
Forum based Roleplay Interest? (Yes, No, Maybe):
PvP Interest (Yes, No, Maybe):
PvE Interest (Yes, No, Maybe):
Foundry Interest (Playing, Designing):
Short Character Dossier (75-200 words):
Are you currently, or have you ever been, a member of another fleet?:
About yourself (the player):
Age range? (under 16, 16-20, 21-25, over 25):
Time zone (GMT +/-):
Typical play times:
What made you decide to apply?:



Janus: Oh, I remember Russalka talked about enormous lag. I tought it is local issue. Sept 15, 2015 20:37:56 GMT -6
Bam-Bam: Since we're so close to finishing of the Development part of the Research Lab, the last couple of projects will be for provisions. If we complete these each day, we can start the T3 upgrade project on Sunday. Sept 17, 2015 17:14:43 GMT -6
russalka: heard some chatter that next week is going to be busy with dev blogs so I'm hoping we get new ships and a ship sale in the next 2 weeks. Sept 18, 2015 15:53:12 GMT -6
nibun: T6 Prometheus incoming! It's quite pretty, here's hoping they don't ruin it with pilot or command. I'm very tempted to buy it, as the Prometheus is my favorite design. Sept 21, 2015 18:41:19 GMT -6
nibun: Link wouldn't fit in 1 post: T6 Hestia class Sept 21, 2015 18:41:28 GMT -6 *
Janus: Janus's new flagship has arrived. ;-) Sept 21, 2015 21:36:15 GMT -6 *
Bam-Bam: Yea... I'm finally saving for a ship. We'll see what's available during the next ship sale (I may have to wait for the sale after that.) Sept 22, 2015 10:52:13 GMT -6
russalka: and Command it is Details Sept 22, 2015 17:02:58 GMT -6 *
russalka: sorry Nibun Sept 22, 2015 17:03:44 GMT -6
nibun: Yeah, I probably just wont use the command seating, thinking WPTW1 and 2, with DEM1 for the lt.cmdr slot. I dont think it will be quite as good as the arbiter, but the prometheus has always been fun for me. Can someone tell me how to make the links work? Sept 22, 2015 22:37:44 GMT -6
Janus: Just press "edit" (right side, just before timestamp) on your comment (wich one contains the link) and you can see the syntax ;-) Sept 22, 2015 22:55:10 GMT -6 *
russalka: and there it is. SHIP SALE!!! Sept 24, 2015 10:44:16 GMT -6
russalka: oh and the usual post patch lag/rubberbanding Sept 24, 2015 12:05:23 GMT -6
Bam-Bam: Arrgghh.... I guess I'll have to wait until the next sale as I don't have enough dilithium to get enough Zen to get the set I want. Sept 24, 2015 13:33:37 GMT -6
Bam-Bam: I see that they cancelled the XP Bonus weekend. Sept 24, 2015 16:10:40 GMT -6
nibun: How much zen are you short by? They didn't cancel the XP event, they moved it, but they haven't (as far as I've seen) announced when it will be. Sept 24, 2015 17:40:09 GMT -6
Bam-Bam: Yea, I saw in the patch notes that they said they moved it, but since it's not on the calendar, it's cancelled until further notice. Maybe they're just skipping this event. Sept 25, 2015 14:04:01 GMT -6
nibun: Well, the Admiralty system looks interesting, finally a use for lower tier ships. If you haven't read it yet, the lower tier ships take less time to repair after a mission. The rewards look really good so far, 5k xp for 45mins Sept 30, 2015 21:56:40 GMT -6
nibun: Also, t6 Gal-X confirmed, see the first pic. News link Sept 30, 2015 21:57:51 GMT -6 *
russalka: looks like at least temporary iconian ships are possible too. I hope this comes in the new lockbox. doesn't make a ton of sense at this point, but i want to give them a try and most of all i want blue AP . Oct 1, 2015 16:56:17 GMT -6